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​Document Library Preview

Thank you for visiting our Document Library preview page. As members of the Greeley Membership program, you have access to over 170 documents in our document library. We’ve selected a subset of these documents across multiple service areas for preview. These documents are comprised of sample policies, tools, and templates that reflect Greeley’s approach and methodologies to key areas in which we assist clients. If you’d like the password to access these documents, please contact us.

This file contains a list of active documents in the Membership Resource Library. Please contact us if you would like to request a specific document.


Accreditation and Compliance-Discussion on Pain.pdf
Discussion regarding the Joint Commission's and CMS's standards regarding Pain.
Accreditation and Compliance-Fall Prevention Policy.pdf
Provides an example of the elements in a fall reduction policy in accordance with PC.01.02.08 requirements.
Accreditation and Compliance-Pain Policy.pdf
This document describes a common sense approach to address the issue of pain assessment and reassessment.
Accreditation and Compliance-Restraint Policy.pdf
This is summary for Accreditation and Compliance-Restraint Policy.
Credentialing and Privileging-Medical Staff Committee Appointment.pdf
Model policy for faciliatation of medical staff committee appointment.
Credentialing and Privileging-Ongoing Monitoring Expiring Information.pdf
Model policy for managing required elements that expire e.g., license, insurance, DEA, board certification.
Credentialing and Privileging-Policy for Developing Privileging Criteria.pdf
Model policy for the development of clinical privilege criteria.
Environment of Care and Life Safety-Emergency Operations Plan.pdf
A sample Emergency Operations Plan that describes an organization's strategy for complying with the Joint Commission standards.
Environment of Care Life Safety-ILSM Policy.pdf
A sample policy that outlines an organization's process for ensuring the continued Life Safety of building occupants during those times when elements of the life safety systems of the building have been compromised or are otherwise vulnerable.
Medical Staff-Governing Board Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf
Organization wide Conflict of Interest Policy delineates the expectations of disclosure of conflict of interest and how to resolve the issue when it occurs
Medical Staff-Low-No Volume Practitioners Policy.pdf
Medical Staff-Sample Rule Indicator Letter.pdf
Sample letter automatically sent to physicians for non-compliance with medical staff rules (clinical rule).